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Sunset Bells – Chrysothemis pulchella – A Tropical Ornamental Plant 05 December, 2012

Sunset Bells or Chrysothemis pulchella is a perennial shrub with an evergreen appearance. Its yellow and orange flowers look like beautiful decoration lamps shining above the thick foliage. So it is widely grown in the tropics including Kerala as an ornamental plant. The Bell-Shaped Flowers The name ‘Sunset Bells’ is apt for it. It has… Continue reading Sunset Bells – Chrysothemis pulchella – A Tropical Ornamental Plant

Thazhuthama – Uses and Medicinal Values 19 November, 2012

Thazhuthama or Punarnava is a common medicinal herb, which is excellent in rejuvenating and purifying the body. The plant belongs to the Nyctaginaceae family and occurs throughout India. There are three types of Thazhuthama plant – one has purple flowers while the other two have white flowers. In this post, we are discussing the one… Continue reading Thazhuthama – Uses and Medicinal Values

Kalyanasougandhikam Flower – White Ginger Lily 13 November, 2012

White Ginger Lily, also known as Butterfly Ginger Lily, is a white flowering plant from the ginger family. Its Malayalam name is Kalyanasougandhikam or Sougandhika, sougandhikam means something which radiates fragrance. As the name indicates, its attractive white flowers have an extraordinary fragrance. It is cultivated in many parts of the world as an ornamental… Continue reading Kalyanasougandhikam Flower – White Ginger Lily

The Sacred Ashoka Tree – Uses & Stories 28 September, 2012

As a small tree with colorful blooms, Ashoka is one of the best to grow in households. Its compact size is well-suited for small gardens. Its scientific name is Saraca asoca and it belongs to the family Fabaceae. Table of Contents Important DetailsReligious Beliefs & StoriesDescriptionMedicinal ValuesDistribution & HabitatFalse AshokaSaraca indicaAdditional Photos Important Details Plant… Continue reading The Sacred Ashoka Tree – Uses & Stories

Nandyarvattam Flower – Crape Jasmine 31 July, 2012

Nandyarvattam is a tree-like shrub with white flowers. Also known as Crape Jasmine in English, its flower looks like a pinwheel. In Kerala, it is usually grown in household gardens and courtyards. Since it is widely used for offerings and poojas, it is often grown on temple premises also. As per beliefs, its white flowers… Continue reading Nandyarvattam Flower – Crape Jasmine

Heliconia Flowers or Lobster Claw 17 July, 2012

Heliconia is one of the most beautiful tropical ornamental plants for your gardens. Being indigenous to the south and central American countries like Costa Rica and Bolivia, it grows well in warm climates. There are nearly two hundred species of Heliconias in the world. Generally, there are two types based on appearance: One has erect… Continue reading Heliconia Flowers or Lobster Claw

Sankhupushpam – Butterfly Pea Flower 29 June, 2012

Sankhupushpam is a beautiful vine plant with blue or white flowers. It is called Butterfly Pea in English. The flowers are similar to that of other pea plants. Sankhu in Malayalam means a conch. If you watch closely, the flower has a remote resemblance to a conch. So that may be the reason behind its… Continue reading Sankhupushpam – Butterfly Pea Flower

Indian Shot Plant – Canna indica 23 June, 2012

Indian Shot Plant is a common garden plant mostly with red or yellow flowers. The species has several cultivars with slight variations. In many places in the tropics, its rhizomes are used as food also. Since this plant looks like a miniature of the banana tree, it is called Vazhachedi in Malayalam. Its botanical name… Continue reading Indian Shot Plant – Canna indica

Kolambi Flower – Golden Trumpet Vine 02 June, 2012

Although common in India as a garden plant, Kolambi or Golden Trumpet Vine is a native of South America, including Brazil and its neighboring countries. From there it might be introduced to other parts of the world. The bright yellow flowers of this plant look like trumpets. It can also be compared to a funnel… Continue reading Kolambi Flower – Golden Trumpet Vine

Kasthurimanjal or Wild Turmeric 25 April, 2012

Kasthurimanjal is one of the two main types of turmeric found in India. Also known by the names Wild Turmeric or Musk Turmeric, it is popular for its aroma and therapeutic purposes. Its scientific name is Curcuma aromatica and it belong to the ginger family – Zingiberaceae. When people generally speak of turmeric, it usually… Continue reading Kasthurimanjal or Wild Turmeric

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