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Thumba Flower – Leucas aspera 08 November, 2018

Thumba (scientific name – Leucas aspera) is a medicinal herb found in Kerala. It has white bilabiate flowers (Thumbapoo). Family – Lamiaceae.

Diamond Flower – Parpataka Pullu 07 November, 2018

Diamond Flower is a little herb with white blooms from the family Rubiaceae. It is widely found in Kerala by the name Parpataka Pullu. Its botanical name is Oldenlandia corymbosa. Since it often grows along with other grasses and due to its small size, you might easily overlook it. However, this medicinal plant is used… Continue reading Diamond Flower – Parpataka Pullu

Mukkutti – Little Tree Plant 06 November, 2018

Mukkutti is a small medicinal plant with yellow flowers found commonly in the rural and hilly areas of Kerala. There are two varieties of this plant. However, Biophytum sensitivum found in rural regions is generally considered as Mukkutti. The other one is Biophytum candolleanum which grows taller and is usually found in the forests. The… Continue reading Mukkutti – Little Tree Plant

Athirani Flowers / Cherukadali – Small Leaf Osbeckia 05 November, 2018

It is indeed a delight to watch Athirani fields when they begin flowering during the Onam season (August – September). It lasts until around November. Being a type of herbaceous plant with beautiful pink flowers, it spreads on vast stretches of fields. Table of Contents Local namesResembles KadaliDifficulties IdentifyingAppearance Local names The common name has… Continue reading Athirani Flowers / Cherukadali – Small Leaf Osbeckia

Cheroola – Mountain Knot Grass – Important Details & Uses 23 October, 2018

Cheroola is a small herb that grows natively in India and belongs to the family Amaranthaceae. Its common name in English is Mountain Knot Grass, while in Hindi, its name is Gorakshaganja. As a common plant all over Kerala, it spreads even in lawns and backyards. So it is often considered a weed. However, this… Continue reading Cheroola – Mountain Knot Grass – Important Details & Uses

Pagoda Flower – Clerodendrum Paniculatum 02 November, 2013

Red Pagoda Plant is a shrub seen in many parts of south and southeast Asia. The scientific name is Clerodendrum paniculatum. The unique pagoda-like inflorescence makes it eye-catching. These flower clusters have several small individual flowers with red and orange colors. Table of Contents DescriptionGeographic distributionUsesCultivation & PropagationOther names Description The red flower clusters are… Continue reading Pagoda Flower – Clerodendrum Paniculatum

Violet Asystasia Flower 02 September, 2013

Violet Asystasia is one of the weeds we often overlook although its flowers are very beautiful. If you have an interest in photographing flora, you will surely find that its flower is so photogenic. Violet Asystasia is commonly known by the name uppudali or upputheli in Kerala. It is a perennial herb from the family… Continue reading Violet Asystasia Flower

Chambakka or Wax Apple 07 January, 2013

In the tropical countries of south and southeast Asia, Wax Apple is a small tree common in orchards and home gardens. Although not as sweet or tasty as an apple, its bell-shaped fruits are favorite, especially among children. The shape and color of the fruit are the main attraction. Because of this, it is also called… Continue reading Chambakka or Wax Apple

Rajamalli Flower – Caesalpinia pulcherrima 30 December, 2012

Rajamalli is a tall shrub that grows to the height of a small tree. With its colorful red and yellow flower clusters rising in the shape of a pagoda, it is a beautiful garden plant too.  In English, it is called Peacock Flower owing to the peculiar shape of its flowers. They appear in clusters… Continue reading Rajamalli Flower – Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Analivegam – Alstonia venenata – A Potential Remedy for Snake Bite 12 December, 2012

Analivegam is an indigenous tree found in the deciduous forests of southern India. Its common name in English is Poison Devil Tree. This small tree is believed to have several medicinal values although a solid study is lacking. Its scientific name is Alstonia venenata. In Malayalam, the word anali refers to Pit Viper – a… Continue reading Analivegam – Alstonia venenata – A Potential Remedy for Snake Bite

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