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Karuka Pullu – Benefits, Uses & Details 08 December, 2018

Locally common by the name Karuka Pullu or Durva Grass, Cynodon dactylon is a type of grass from the family Poaceae. It has a wide range of distribution in India from the valleys of Kashmir to Kerala in the south. Based on the color of the stem, there are two varieties of Karuka. One is… Continue reading Karuka Pullu – Benefits, Uses & Details

Blue Porterweed – Seemakongini 25 November, 2018

Blue Porterweed is a small shrub with tiny purple flowers. As a wild plant, it is quite common in many parts of the world including India and the West Indies. Its scientific name is Stachytarpheta jamaicensis. However, the variety found in India is usually regarded as S.indica. Both look almost identical and biologists are not sure… Continue reading Blue Porterweed – Seemakongini

Indian Pennywort – Muthill (Kudangal) 18 November, 2018

As a herb from the family Apiaceae, Indian Pennywort is a herb that grows close to the ground. While it is called Mandukaparni in Sanskrit, it is Kudangal, Kodakan, or Muthill in Malayalam. It is an important medicinal plant in Ayurveda as it may help to improve brain function and slows down aging. Table of Contents… Continue reading Indian Pennywort – Muthill (Kudangal)

Hill Glory Bower – Peringalam Plant – Clerodendrum infortunatum 17 November, 2018

Locally known by the name Peringalam or Perikilam, Hill Glory Bower is a wild flowering shrub common in Kerala. Its botanical name is Clerodendrum infortunatum and often grows as a weed in the rubber estates of central Kerala. The flowers or inflorescence look similar to that of a Pagoda plant or Krishnakireedam. Both belong to the… Continue reading Hill Glory Bower – Peringalam Plant – Clerodendrum infortunatum

Mandaram Flower – Dwarf White Bauhinia 16 November, 2018

Dwarf White Bauhinia is a small tree with nice and fragrant white flowers. It is very suitable as a garden plant along with other flowering shrubs like Ixora (Chethi). In Kerala, it is known by the name Vella Mandaram. Its scientific name is Bauhinia acuminata and belongs to the family Fabaceae. Other common Bauhinia varieties… Continue reading Mandaram Flower – Dwarf White Bauhinia

Chittamruthu or Amruthavalli Plant 15 November, 2018

Chittamruthu or Amruthavalli is a climber plant with heart-shaped leaves widely used in Ayurveda to treat various ailments. The word Amruth means being eternal. This plant has an amazing ability to live long and also helps other plants to live longer, making its name apt. It also has a divine and revered status in traditions.… Continue reading Chittamruthu or Amruthavalli Plant

Shatavari or Sahasraveerya – An Invaluable Plant 12 November, 2018

Shatavari is an invaluable medicinal plant found all over India. There are two different species of this plant – Asparagus racemosus and Asparagus gonoclados. Both these varieties occur in Kerala. However, the former seems to be more popular. Table of Contents AppearanceDistribution & CultivationCultivationMedicinal ValuesName in Various Languages Appearance The cladodes of A. racemosus are… Continue reading Shatavari or Sahasraveerya – An Invaluable Plant

Panikoorka (Navara) – A Home Remedy for Common Cold 11 November, 2018

Widely found in Kerala by the name Panikoorka or Navara, this medicinal herb belongs to the family Lamiaceae. As an effective home remedy for the common cold in children, it is commonly grown in households in Kerala. Table of Contents AppearanceMedicinal UsesAs a flavor in foodsAs an Ornamental PlantName in different languages Appearance Panikoorka or… Continue reading Panikoorka (Navara) – A Home Remedy for Common Cold

Naruneendi or Indian Sarsaparilla – A herb for making tasty beverages 10 November, 2018

Naruneendi or Indian Sarsaparilla is a medicinal plant used for blood purification. It occurs mainly in south India, Sri Lanka, and Bengal. In Kerala & Tamil Nadu, this herb has another name also – Nannari. This perennial vine plant is native to India. It has a lean appearance overall with elongated leaves and slender string-like… Continue reading Naruneendi or Indian Sarsaparilla – A herb for making tasty beverages

Keezharnelli – Stonebreaker Plant 09 November, 2018

Keezharnelli or Keezhanelli is a small shrub widely found in the plains of Kerala, including roadsides and households. It is a medicinal herb that can grow up to about 30 cm in height. Its flowers and fruits appear interesting. They hang below the leaves precisely in a line. So they are hidden at first glance.… Continue reading Keezharnelli – Stonebreaker Plant

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