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Chambakka or Wax Apple 07 January, 2013

In the tropical countries of south and southeast Asia, Wax Apple is a small tree common in orchards and home gardens. Although not as sweet or tasty as an apple, its bell-shaped fruits are favorite, especially among children. The shape and color of the fruit are the main attraction. Because of this, it is also called… Continue reading Chambakka or Wax Apple

Analivegam – Alstonia venenata – A Potential Remedy for Snake Bite 12 December, 2012

Analivegam is an indigenous tree found in the deciduous forests of southern India. Its common name in English is Poison Devil Tree. This small tree is believed to have several medicinal values although a solid study is lacking. Its scientific name is Alstonia venenata. In Malayalam, the word anali refers to Pit Viper – a… Continue reading Analivegam – Alstonia venenata – A Potential Remedy for Snake Bite

The Sacred Ashoka Tree – Uses & Stories 28 September, 2012

As a small tree with colorful blooms, Ashoka is one of the best to grow in households. Its compact size is well-suited for small gardens. Its scientific name is Saraca asoca and it belongs to the family Fabaceae. Table of Contents Important DetailsReligious Beliefs & StoriesDescriptionMedicinal ValuesDistribution & HabitatFalse AshokaSaraca indicaAdditional Photos Important Details Plant… Continue reading The Sacred Ashoka Tree – Uses & Stories

Jackfruit – The Largest Tree Fruit 05 April, 2012

Jackfruit is one of the largest tree fruit in the world. Scientific name – Artocarpus heterophyllus

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