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9 Most Beautiful Hibiscus Varieties

With its large and vivid flowers, Hibiscus is probably the most popular ornamental plant in many parts of the world including India.
In this post, let us get to know some of the most beautiful and popular hibiscus varieties based on their color and appearance.

There are innumerable varieties and cultivars of Hibiscus. Among these, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the most common. In Kerala, it is known as Nadan Chembarathi. In earlier times itself, almost all households in Kerala used to have at least one such plant in the courtyard. It was also a part of several home remedies and also a pooja flower.

Different Varieties of Hibiscus

All the photographs were taken from rural areas in different parts of Kerala. Many of these are cultivars of the same species.

1. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis – Red Hibiscus

This is the most common variety. With its bright red petals, it has a stunning appearance. It is also known as nadan chembarathi because it is thought to be the native type. When people speak about Chembarathi, they are usually referring to this particular variety.

Its flowers and leaves are traditionally used to make chembarathi-thali, a homemade solution for healthy hair.

Its pure red flowers are used for pooja in temples, especially as an offering to Hindu Goddesses.

Hibiscus Flower - Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

2. Orange Double Flower

Orange Hibiscus - Orange El-Capitano Flower

Also known as Orange El-Capitolio, this flower has a double layer of petals with a red center.

3. Bright Orange

Orange Hibiscus Flower

It is comparatively larger when compared to the previous two varieties. The bright orange flowers look stunning under the full Sun.

4. Pale Orange Red-centered

Orange Hibiscus with red center

The shape is quite similar to the normal variety but with pale orange flowers and a red center, also known as Madeline Champion.

5. Japanese Lantern

Japanese Lantern Hibiscus - Hibiscus schizopetalus

Here is another species with a distinct look. Its petals look as if they were torn artistically. The scientific name is Hibiscus schizopetalus.

6. Sleeping Hibiscus

Sleeping Hibiscus

The scientific name is Malvaviscus arboreus. The flowers look like they have not yet bloomed. Since it resembles a bud, its Malayalam name is Mottu Chembarathi.

There are many varieties within this species with different flower colors, such as pink and red.

7. Rose Mallow

Rose Mallow Hibiscus

It looks very similar to the Bright Orange variety we mentioned above except for the rose colored petals.

8. Rose Double-Flower

Hibiscus Double Flower

This is a double flower variety with petals closely arranged. Unlike Orange El-Capitano, the two layers do not have space in between.

9. Cooperi Hibiscus

Cooperi Hibiscus with variegated leaves

Cooperi Hibiscus has variegated leaves and petals.

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