Oriental Magpie Robin

Now these are some pictures of Oriental Magpie Robin photographed from the premises itself, glad to share these, after a long gap of one month 🙂
Oriental Magpie Robin

Got the above photo when the bird was on the half-wall, with its food.. preparing to take off.
Oriental Magpie Robin

Another shot with some insects in between the beaks.

It is about the same size of a Red Whiskered Bulbul, i.e., about 20 centimeters in length. The bird keeps its tail upwards most of the times. Feeds mainly on small insects and is a very common bird used to humans.
Upper part and lower part up to chest region are shining black in color. Remaining bottom portion is white. And there is a white lining on both sides which continues to tail region.

Species: Copsychus saularis
Family: Muscicapidae
Malayalam name: Mannathippullu

Hope you liked.

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