Common Tailorbird

See the pictures of this cute little bird, the Common Tailorbird, which is known for the speciality of their nests.
Common Tailorbird

The bird was about 10 feet apart, calmly sitting on a branch, and morning light was falling on it, so I think could manage to get a few decent shots.

Common Tailorbird

It got its name from the speciality of nests it constructs – by stitching large leaves together. These birds are generally seen in pairs and hops from branch to branch, making their loud ‘tuee-tuee‘ calls. It mainly feed on insects.

The bird is a little bigger than sunbirds. The bottom parts are white, upper parts and tail are greenish yellow, head, eyes, beaks and legs are reddish. And there are two black spots by the side of the neck.

Family: Cisticolidae
Species: Orthotomus sutorius
Malayalam names: Adakkappakshi (as the bird is only about the size of adakka, a type of palm fruit), Thunnaran.

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  1. Wow! beautiful bird, and great click! I was at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary a couple of years back, took some amateurish pics from there. Your post inspires me to share some 🙂

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