Yellow Browed Bulbul

Yellow Browed Bulbul is a cute small bird and is one among the two bulbuls found commonly here, the other being Red Whiskered Bulbul.
Yellow Browed Bulbul

The above photo was taken the day before yesterday evening, but the light was a little low.

Yellow Browed Bulbul

These two were taken a few weeks before.

Yellow Browed Bulbul

The under side of the bird is yellow in color and upper side is greenish yellow. Eye brows are also distinctly yellow and so its name. They usually sit in the canopies and feed on small edible fruits like mulberry. Their calls are loud but sweet. Belonging to the family Pycnonotidae, the bird is common in South India. These and other bulbuls are seen in large numbers in the hilly areas of Western Ghats. I was wondered to see bulbuls in large numbers during my recent trip to Wagamon (Red Whiskered Bulbuls are more prominent than Yellow Browed, I think).

Species: Acritillas indica / Iole indica

Hope you liked this nice bird.

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  1. This one isn't very common where I'm from. The ones we see here are the red-whiskered and the red-vented bulbuls… in fact, I remember us getting considerably excited about seeing a pair of yellow browed bulbuls on a nature trail a while ago. It really is a cute little bird. Great pictures! 🙂

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