Purple Rumped Sunbird (Male)

Purple Rumped Sunbird is an attractive and very active little bird . Given here are the photos of the male bird, a frequent visitor to our garden flowers. Recently, I had posted about the female bird, hope you had seen that. If not take a look at that and you can see how different the male and female birds are.
Purple Rumped Sunbird - Male

The two pictures (above and below) were taken when it was hanging on a shoe flower. See how small it is!

Purple Rumped Sunbird - Male

Sitting on a fire bush twig and making call…

Purple Rumped Sunbird - Male

Even though these little bird are so common and not afraid of humans, I feel it is one of the most difficult to capture. Reasons are two: firstly, very small in size and secondly, these birds are too active. They won’t take more than 3-4 second on a flower, and then hop to another. I feel the the female birds are more patient than the males and are more easier to photograph. The bird is a common one in India.

Family: Nectariniidae
Species: Leptocoma zeylonica
Malayalam names: then-kili, soochimukhi

Hope you liked this little bird.

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14 thoughts on “Purple Rumped Sunbird (Male)

  1. Fantastic capture and detailed shots on the bird! I know how tiny they are and busy alike bee, but u done a fabulous job with you camera. Congrats Abhinav 🙂

    Keep it up

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