Forest Skink of Western Ghats

This creature may be familiar to the people in and around the Western Ghats. It is popular in Kerala by the name ‘arana‘ in Malayalam. But its significance is that it is an endemic species. That is, it is confined to the Western Ghats only.

Dussumier's Forest Skink

It is very common in villages, and these two photos (above and below) were taken it was sitting on top of a stone, as if posing for my camera. So got enough time to take a few shots, and it was not at all bothered, very much used to humans.

Dussumier's Forest Skink
Dussumier's Forest Skink
The one above was taken when it was on the tip of a wood. As the subject was Sun lit and the background was under shade, got a nice background bokeh (blur).
Dussumier's Forest Skink
Family: Scincidae
Species: Sphenomorphus dussumieri

The name of this skink is Dussumier’s Forest Skink, and is about the size of a house lizard. Body have alternate black and white linings. Lower side is white. Tail and legs are orange – red. These colors make it beautiful.

Hope you liked.

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  1. Cudowne jest pierwsze zdjęcie. Kolory jaszczurki podobaja mi się. Pozdrawiam.
    Wonder is the first picture. Colors I like lizards. Yours.

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