Clipper Butterfly

Clipper is comparatively a large butterfly, almost similar in size to Blue Mormon, but slightly less than that. I see this frequently as it is a daily visitor on the fire bush in our backyard. 
Clipper Butterfly

Unlike other butterflies it rests with its wings in horizontal or below horizontal position (see the picture below), even though occasionally it keeps the wings upwards (third picture). Majority of other butterflies keep wings vertically upwards while resting. It belongs to the family of Nymphalidae and many of the nymphalids keep wings flat like moths while resting. Moreover it is also a slow flier, so it’s easy to photograph.

Clipper Buttefly

Clipper Butterfly

Identifications: The pattern on the wings is complicated, as you can see. The dominant color is dark yellow in this case, other variations of yellow are also there. There is a series of white patches on the fore wing. Lower side is pale yellowish.

Family: Nymphalidae
Species: Parthenos sylvia

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