Purple-Rumped Sunbird (Female)

One of the cutest birds I have seen – that is what I have to say about this small bird. The picture below is that of an immature bird, so it is more rounded. 

Sitting lonely on a twig…

These small birds are a frequent visitor to the firebush plant in my backyard. Firebushes are very rich in nectar, and it is the favourite food for sunbirds. 
See.. it’s sitting on the flower itself..too light! 

They are very dynamic and won’t sit at a place for long.. jumping from one flower to another, and sometimes hovering like butterflies. So it is a difficult task to photograph them. This is what I tried :-

  • Find a plant where the bird visits daily (here I have the firebush) and watch its actions. 
  • Wait patiently for the bird to come on an open place (if it is in between the leaves, it will be difficult – so wait for the occasions when it comes out. The first two photos were taken like that, but in the third the background is distracting; I posted it also to show the difference).
  • Shoot in burst mode and take as much shots as possible. I think I had taken more than hundred and only a few were satisfactory. 
  • Also use the maximum possible shutter speed.

(For your information, I took these with a P&S – Lumix FZ 60)

About the bird:
As you can see, female bird are brownish on top and yellowish on lower side. Males are more colorful with greenish head and dark purple/brown colors. Lower side is more yellowish. They have very long beaks compared to body size. On the whole the bird is only 7 or 8 centimeters in length.
Species name: Leptocoma zeylonica.

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  1. Hi Abhinav,

    Ahh, excellent work & composition, especially the second click. Loved the photos and your perspective. Indeed, capturing birds and wildlife is a task which calls for the highest levels of patience.

    Thanks for sharing the pics. 🙂


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