Blue Moon Butterfly

Blue Moon Butterfly, also known as Great Eggfly or Common Eggfly is a medium sized and commonly seen butterfly species in India.

These pictures are of a male butterfly, above it is sitting with its wings folded and below with wings spread.It can be seen throughout the year.
Species: Hypolimnas bolina
Family: Nymphalide

Identifications (male): Upperside of the wings is black in color with six spots (three pairs). The largest spot is on the hind wing which is normally comletely blue in color. The other two spots are on the fore wings. One is surrounded by blue color whereas the other (the smallest) is usually white. Lower side of the hind wings have a series of white spots/patches by the end, and spots on the fore wing is in the middle.
Female: Female butterflies do not have the blue spots and are seen in different variations in color.

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