Wandering Glider Dragonfly

Wandering Glider is a common dragonfly and can be seen in large numbers during the months of August, September and October. That is also the time of Onam festival in Kerala. So it is also locally known by the name ‘onathumpi’, although some other species are also called by the same name. (‘Thumpi’ is the Malayalam word for dragonfly).
Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens)

Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens)

Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens)

Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens)

During daytime under bright Sunlight these will be flying continuously and are difficult to photograph. So it is better to look for them during evenings, cloudy or rainy days, as I did.

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Wandering Glider, also known as Globe Skimmer is comparatively a bigger dragonfly and its species name is Pantala flavescens. While perched, it usually hangs vertically, as can be seen from these pictures.

Identifications: Eyes are reddish brown, thorax is light yellow, abdomen yellow with black lining and brown markings, wings are transparent with yellow spots on the tip, legs are black.

Family: Libellulidae 

Genus: Pantala

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  1. Brilliant captures on the fly and the details on it are interesting!
    The fly is also called as Thumbi in Tamil. I think there are many words Tamil and Malayalam shares with meaning.

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