Common Picture Wing Dragonfly (Male)

Common Picture Wing is another dragonfly usually referred as ‘onathumpi’here, as they can be seen in large groups only during Onam season (August – September – October). They are seen during other months also but less in number. Another dragonfly seen during this season is Wandering Glider, about which I had said in the previous post. See that too if you haven’t. 

I took these photos a few months ago, but could post them now only…

Common Picture Wing Dragonfly (Male)

Common Picture Wing Dragonfly (Male)
Common Picture Wing Dragonfly (Male)
Common Picture Wing Dragonfly (Male)

Like butterflies, these have pictures on their wings, so the name ‘common picture wing’. And they look like butterflies at first sight. 

Species name: Rhyothemis variegata 

Family: Libellulidae 
Order: Odonata 

Identifications: Eyes are brown-black in color. Thorax has a greenish golden yellow color, abdomen and legs black. Major portion of the wings are transparent, but shining. Tip of the wings have brown markings and a black spot, towards the end. On the forewings there are two brown markings towards the center, one on the edge. Hind wings have one prominent marking at the center on the edge. And towards the base there are more golden yellow and brown markings.

The pattern on the wings for female is totally different, and my next post will be on that.


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