Common Picture Wing Dragonfly (Female) – 1

These are some photos of the female Common Picture Wing dragonfly, taken from almost the same place where the male was also found. I hope you have already seen my previous post about the male picture wing.

Common Picture Wing Dragonfly (Female)

All the characteristics and behavior are almost similar to the male. They fly together in large groups on pleasant days (esp. during morning hours), which is indeed a beautiful sight.

How to photograph them:

  • It is apparently difficult to get them during morning hours under bright sunlight, as they will be busy flying. I had said that they normally fly in group, that too will be confined to an area, at a time (like our courtyard or backyard, if it has enough area). Even though they take rest in between, the time will be too short to take a snap, and they will probably fly away when you approach. 
  • So place yourselves somewhere with the camera and watch them for a while. Also look for some floating clouds in the sky. And wait patiently until some of them cover the bright sun. Suddenly you can see the majority of these fliers start resting on the plants and leaves nearby. Then you will get some time to click a few pictures. I’m not joking, it will surely work and that is how I got the pictures in my previous post. But they again start flying when the Sun comes out
  • Another way is to look for a resting individual dragonfly in the afternoon, it won’t be active at that time and probably won’t fly away. But chances are less to find such a patient dragonfly. So if you find one, you can take as much shots as you want. That is how I took the photos given in this post. There are some, which I will share in the next post. So don’t forget to check them. 
Common Picture Wing Dragonfly (Female)
Common Picture Wing Dragonfly (Female)

Identifications: Almost similar to the male except the pattern on wings and abdomen color. Abdomen is less blackish compared to male.

Wings: Tips of the wings are transparent, and there is a black spot. The remaining portions have yellow and brown patches, which is larger in area compared to that of the male.

Hope you liked these nice creatures. I will share some more pictures of the same in the next post.

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