Swallowtail Butterfly At Night!

I was having exams so for a few days I couldn’t look after the blog, and I it has been more than a week since I took photos, posted or commented. Now finally they are over and I am free again. And by this time you might have seen some changes in the look and feel of the blog, including a new top bar. Yesterday I spent some time for designing it.

So, coming back, today I am sharing some pictures of a Common Rose Butterfly taken at night, not too late but just after sunset. 

Red Swallowtail Butterfly - Common Rose

Common Roses are very common here, as its name itself suggests. It has striking resemblance to some other butterflies like Common Mormon and Crimson Rose

Crimson Rose has more number of red spots and is more colorful. Also, they have two white patches on the upper side of fore wings whereas Common Rose have one each on the hind wings. Both belong to the category of red swallow tailed butterflies (Papilionidae family). Note the two projections on their hind wings – so the name ‘swallowtails‘. ‘Red’ denotes the red color of the body.   They have broad fore wings and are larger in size when compared to pansy butterflies.

Common Mormon is also a swallowtail but its body is black and not red.

Scientific name: Pachliopta aristolochiae 

Red Swallowtail Butterfly - Common Rose
Red Swallowtail Butterfly - Common Rose
Red Swallowtail Butterfly - Common Rose
They are generally very busy fliers during daytime and can be seen flying in groups also. So it is quite difficult to get them during daytime. Unlike dragonflies, they don’t sit at the same place for a long time. But I found this one resting on a small branch after sunset. It never bothered to go away in my presence. So I could manage a few shots. But I didn’t stay there for long to disturb it, even though it didn’t show any annoyance 🙂

In the next post I will come with the Common Mormon, which is very much similar to this one.

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