Red Marsh Hawk Dragonfly

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Today it is about a Brown-Backed Red Marsh Hawk dragonfly, which I saw from my backyard. I think it is the male. Scientific name is Orthetrum chrysis. But couldn’t get why it is called brown – backed. 
Red Marsh Hawk Dragonfly (Orthetrum chrysis)

Red Marsh Hawk Dragonfly (Orthetrum chrysis)
Red Marsh Hawk Dragonfly (Orthetrum chrysis)
How I took these pictures: 
This is a very commonly seen dragonfly here in Kerala, especially near small water bodies like ponds or marshes during morning when the weather is pleasant. As you can in these pictures, it was sitting on a concrete floor, in our back yard. Near to it, there was a water tap, so the area was wet. I think that was the reason why it sat there. Otherwise it seemed to be very fearful when somebody approach it, and usually go away. Even then, I had to make very slow steps to approach it, so as to make sure that it was not getting disturbed. And it sat there for a few minutes for me to take some shots, after that it went to somewhere else. According to my observation, the dragonfly with the most contrasting behaviour to this one is Crimson Marsh Glider, which usually sit on the same place for hours, and is not so much feared of humans, unless we make so much commotion. 
Red Marsh Hawk can be easily misinterpreted as Scarlet Marsh Hawk. Both are nearly the same. The only difference I could find between the two is in the color of their faces. Red Marsh Hawk has a red face, whereas the face of Scarlet Marsh Hawk is black. There can be some other minute differences also. 
Thorax and legs are brownish, abdomen is red, wings are transparent with a black spot at the tip, eyes are black and face red. It is normal sized, not big or small – these are the identifications. The females are yellow – brown in color. 
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16 thoughts on “Red Marsh Hawk Dragonfly

  1. Dobrze, że byłeś ostrożny i ważka nie odfrunęła. Bardzo ładne ma kolory i śliczne zdjęcie. Pozdrawiam.
    Well, you were not careful and dragonfly flew. Very nice colors and has a beautiful picture. Yours.

  2. I think it flew away not because I was careless 🙂 But I think it did not prefer to sit on the same place for a long time, like other dragonflies. So after a few minutes it flew away.
    Thank you,
    Keep visiting
    Yours 🙂

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