Butterfly Trapped in a Spider Web !

Insects trapped in spider web are a common scene. But how do you feel when it is a beautiful butterfly? I felt sorry for it 🙁 But don’t feel sad because these are also a part of nature’s plays 🙂 

Butterfly Trapped in a Spider Web

Butterfly Trapped in a Spider Web

I saw this when I was just walking around, on an afternoon. Usually, this sight is very common during the morning hours. Even you might have the experience of getting into large spider webs unknowingly and unexpectedly while walking in the early mornings. Anyway, it had happened to me many times, and had felt really bad then 🙂 

All the insects getting into its trap need not be its prey. But all light ones accidentally get into it and cannot escape. 

Butterfly Trapped in a Spider Web

Earlier I had published the photos of spider catching a honey bee: 
Spider Catching its Prey – 1 
Spider Catching its Prey – 2 
You may be interested to visit that too. 

See you till next 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Butterfly Trapped in a Spider Web !

  1. Niestety natura bywa czasami okrutna. Żal mi motyla. Nie lubię też zaplatać się w pajęczynę. Pozdrawiam.
    Unfortunately, life is sometimes cruel. I feel sorry for the butterfly. I do not like the cobweb braid. Yours.

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