Crimson Marsh Glider (Female)

The last post was about male Crimson Marsh Glider dragonfly and this one is the female Crimson Marsh Glider. Scientific name is Trithemis aurora.
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The pictures of the female dragonfly was taken from the same place where the male was also found.
Crimson Marsh Glider (Female)

Crimson Marsh Glider (Female)
In these pictures it is sitting on the tip of a Tulsi plant. A special thing I noted is that it used to sit on that same dried branch for several days from morning to evening, as if it was so much fond of the branch. It set off in the evening and returned in the morning. I think it was the same dragonfly itself, and not different ones. After a couple of days the female was gone and the male came. This repeated alternatively for about one month. It may be a part of their life cycle. And these pictures were taken during last April – May. Anyway it was interesting to watch. 
Crimson Marsh Glider (Female)
It is beautiful but when compared with the male it is less attractive, in my opinion. The male was spectacular with its glowing crimson color. The name ‘Crimson Marsh’ came from this glowing crimson color. But the female does not possess crimson color.
Crimson Marsh Glider (Female)
Crimson Marsh Glider (Female)
Some more pictures (three photos combined into one – how does it look?) . . . 

Crimson Marsh Glider (Female)
The size and structure of female Crimson Marsh Glider is same as that of the male, that is, medium sized.
As mentioned earlier the female has a mix of yellow and brown colors instead of the glowing color of the other. The wings are transparent with a black mark on the tip of each of the four wings. The eyes have brown and blue-black colors. Thorax is dark yellow with black linings.
Hope you liked the pictures.

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5 thoughts on “Crimson Marsh Glider (Female)

  1. To nie szkodzi, ze kobieta ważka jest mniej kolorowa, bo i tak jest piękna. Cudowne zdjęcia zrobiłeś. Pozdrawiam.
    It does not matter that the female is less colorful dragonfly, because it is beautiful. Wonderful pictures done. Yours.

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