Catus with Flowers

Did you know that cacti have flowers and fruits? The answer is yes. I came to know about it when I saw this cactus with flowers. 

Cactus - Opuntia cochenillifera
Cactus - Opuntia cochenillifera
It was about 8 feet tall and its botanical name is Opuntia cochenillifera.

Cactus - Opuntia cochenillifera

As per my knowledge it flower only once in a year. These pictures were taken in last March. I saw red – rose colored flowers which grows above rounded green fruits, as can be seen in the pictures. 
Cactus - Opuntia cochenillifera
I think this yellow part is the ripened fruit, which was green earlier, on which the flower grew.
This is an imported variety here, and now it commonly seen in gardens and for decoration. They are not thorny and are soft. There are only small projections. And the leaves (or leaf like structures) are almost flat with rounded edges. 
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