Crimson Marsh Glider (male)

Crimson Marsh Glider (Trithemis aurora) is yet another beautiful creature from the dragonfly family with a shining crimson color.
Crimson Marsh Glider Dragonfly - Male

It usually likes to come out when there is enough bright sunlight. And its colors seem to be radiating in the sunlight. This makes it easily noticeable and attractive.
Crimson Marsh Glider Dragonfly - Male

Here in these pictures it is sitting on the tip of a dried branch of a Tulsi plant.

Views from its front. Nice poses, isn’t it? It sat there on the same place for a long time. So got enough time to take some interesting shots.

Crimson Marsh Glider Dragonfly - Male

Crimson Marsh Glider Dragonfly - Male

It is a very commonly seen dragonfly in Kerala, and can be easily seen in the premises of ponds or other similar water bodies.

Crimson Marsh Glider Dragonfly - Male

It is not a big dragonfly. Whole body has crimson color with different shades of it. Eyes and abdomen have a medium color but abdomen have a more shining appearance. Thorax is more dark in color with a few black linings. Wings are transparent with a yellow color at the base, crimson on the middle and becomes almost colorless at the tips. Legs are black in color.

Scientific Name : Trithemis aurora.
Order : Odonate
Family : Libellulidae.

The female Crimson Marsh Glider has a totally different color and appearance. There will be an entry about it also, at a later time.

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