Brown Butterfly (Chocolate Pansy)

This brown butterfly is one of the most common butterflies seen here in the central and southern parts of Kerala. Even though it is not so colorful or attractive, it is interesting. It may look like a moth but it is not. A few months back, I had a post on another butterfly from Junonia genus. See it also :

This one is Junonia iphita 

Brown Butterfly (Chocolate Pansy)

As the names suggest, Lemon Pansy (Junonia lemonias) has a lemon color and chocolate pansy has a chocolaty color. Different butterflies can have slightly different shades of brown or chocolate color.
Below is a more cropped version of its picture.

Brown Butterfly (Chocolate Pansy)

It is usually seen sitting on green leaves than on flowers and sometimes on the soil, and is active during morning to noon time.
Brown Butterfly (Chocolate Pansy)

Brown Butterfly (Chocolate Pansy)

The main identification mark for Pansy butterflies is the four spots on its wings. For this one also you can note four spots with a brown center on each of its hind wings.

Species Name : Junonia iphita
Genus : Junonia

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