Spider Catching Its Prey – 1

On one afternoon, when was simply roaming here and there with with my camera, I saw this – A spider catching a honey bee.. The poor bee, felt sorry for it 🙁 , any way it is a part of nature’s food cycle.

The spider is hanging on its web and is trying to lift the bee with it . . . 

Spider Catching Its Prey

. . .and succeeded to get on to a banana leaf . . .

Spider Catching Its Prey
Spider Catching Its Prey

 . . .and going away with it . . .

Spider Catching Its Prey

But I couldn’t get the name of this colorful spider, I will try to get it (Locally, in Malayalam, I think it is called as ‘mannaan’, not sure). There some more pictures taken on a different occasion  that I would like to share, and that will be my next entry.
Hope you liked…

This is a crab spider (i.e., family Thomisidae which resembles crabs in shape), and is probably the species Camaricus formosus.

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13 thoughts on “Spider Catching Its Prey – 1

  1. This is a wonderful set of pics… I just cant believe that the spider is able to toss the bee upside down (as in the last pic) Awesome shots, man! And the spider has green legs!!!

  2. Beautiful photo's Abinhav. It's cruel but true it's the foodchain. I was shocked when I saw a dragonfly catching a butterfly's. I did not like it too. But it is nature.
    Have a great week Abhinav

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