Spider Catching Its Prey – 1

On one afternoon, when was simply roaming here and there with with my camera, I saw this – A spider catching a honey bee.. The poor bee, felt sorry for it 🙁 , any way it is a part of nature’s food cycle.

The spider is hanging on its web and is trying to lift the bee with it . . . 

Spider Catching Its Prey

. . .and succeeded to get on to a banana leaf . . .

Spider Catching Its Prey
Spider Catching Its Prey

 . . .and going away with it . . .

Spider Catching Its Prey

But I couldn’t get the name of this colorful spider, I will try to get it (Locally, in Malayalam, I think it is called as ‘mannaan’, not sure). There some more pictures taken on a different occasion  that I would like to share, and that will be my next entry.
Hope you liked…

This is a crab spider (i.e., family Thomisidae which resembles crabs in shape), and is probably the species Camaricus formosus.

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