After a Rain . . .

Rain is always a soothing experience for me, may be for many, drizzling are  more special. It not only refreshes the nature but also our mind.
These are some photos taken on a morning after a rain.

Water droplets from a Plumeria leaf…
After a Rain

 A Hibiscus bud…

After a Rain
 The drop looks like an ornament for the Pea plant leaf. See how rain makes things more beautiful.

After a Rain
 One more from a Hibiscus stamen

After a Rain
Again from a Pea plant leaf
After a Rain

When it rains, go out and stretch your arms, face up and allow the rain drops to fall gently on the face, anyone may start appreciating the nature, at least I love to do it  (but not during the heavy rains with thunderstorms 🙂  ). But if you fear rain, it only gives you cough and cold, so let us love this wonderful phenomenon in nature 🙂
Hope you liked.

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