A Beautiful Caterpillar

The pictures of this interesting caterpillar were taken on a cloudy morning, from my backyard.
It was swiftly moving from one end to the other of an iron rope (and that’s why the photos are a bit blurred!)

A Caterpillar

The images are not magnified, it was almost the same size as seen in these photos.. It is a big one. Isn’t it?! Probably the biggest one I have ever seen!

A Caterpillar

And it was getting into the stem of plant.. I think it was in a hurry to go somewhere. I haven’t seen any other caterpillar moving in such a speed. 

A Caterpillar

And moving downward the stem.. On the whole I saw it only for for one minute or so.. and then it disappeared somewhere in the greens.

A Caterpillar

I tried to find out the name of the butterfly it grows to become, but couldn’t. The pairs of pro-legs (see the pairs on the middle of its body) were three – so I believe it was a caterpillar.  The major butterflies seen here are Crimson Rose, Common Rose, Lemon Pansy, Blue Mormon and some brown species. But I believe this one is none among them. Hope I can get its name later.

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