Green Dragonfly

A Green Marsh Hawk Dragonfly (Orthetrum sabina) sitting on the stem of Tithonia plant in front of my house.

Green Marsh Hawk Dragonfly

On a Tulsi plant . . .

Green Marsh Hawk Dragonfly
A very commonly seen dragonfly here and is comparatively larger in size. But due to its color which matches with the green plants, it is sometimes a bit difficult to spot . . depends on the place where it is. It sits on the same place for along time.

Green Marsh Hawk Dragonfly
Green Marsh Hawk Dragonfly

Abdomen have black and white stripes, thorax is green-yellow with black lines,eyes are greenish black, head is green-yellow, legs are also black and the wings are transparent- these are the things I could note from this beautiful dragonfly.

Family : Libellulidae
Order : Odonata / Odonates
Sub-order : Anisoptera

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