Yellow – Black Potter Wasp

A Potter Wasp (Eumenes flavopicta) collecting mud for building its nest…

Sometimes it is also called as mud dauber. There is nothing wrong if it is called as an ‘engineer’, that much amazing is its efficiency in making mud nests in nice shapes. Potter wasps, as the name suggests, builds nests in the shape of tiny pots.

Observing these little creatures is very interesting. It takes many trips between the nest under construction and the place from where it is collecting mud. Once we spot it, the easy way to get a picture is by placing ourselves near the nest or the mud (make sure to not disturb it 🙂 ). In these pictures the wasp was collecting mud. It  stayed there only for a few seconds and flew away, I thought it was gone, but to my surprise it arrived back again to collect mud. It repeated for about more than 5 times, and these intervals were enough to get ready to take a shot on each arrival.
Mainly three types of mud wasps are seen here – black, blue, and the one above. Among these I feel this one is more attractive due to its color.

Family : Vespidae
Scientific Name : Eumenes flavopicta

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39 thoughts on “Yellow – Black Potter Wasp

  1. Boah, was für fantastische Aufnahmen. Sie schaut aber sehr gefährlich aus, habe ich bei uns noch nie gesehen, gibt es hier vielleicht auch nicht in dieser Art…


  2. Te osy to ciekawe i ładne owady i do tego takie zdolne, budują z gliny gniazda. Bardzo ładne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
    These wasps are interesting and attractive to insects and such a capable, build a nest of clay. Very nice pictures. Yours.

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