Granite Ghost Dragonfly

The Granite Ghost dragonfly (Bradinopyga geminata), is an interesting one due to its special characters – it is very friendly to artificial human environment unlike other dragonflies. Due to this character, I prefer to call it as ‘modern’ dragonfly 🙂 
See the pictures below, it is evident..

Sitting on a plastic rope..

Granite Ghost Dragonfly (Bradinopyga geminata)

I haven’t seen it sitting on the branches or leaves of a plant, where others prefer to sit. Also, these become active after sunset (see, most other dragonflies prefer daylight to fly). 

Sitting on the marble floor..

Granite Ghost Dragonfly (Bradinopyga geminata)

and the next, on a cell phone!

Granite Ghost Dragonfly (Bradinopyga geminata)

I noticed this one flying around the lamp in my house. To see it more clearly I took my cell phone and switched on the torch. To my surprise, it left the lamp and came towards me to sit on my phone! I was holding the phone in my hand and even when I shook it, this dragonfly was not bothered, it only wanted some light. Remember that it otherwise is a very sensitive creature which tries to fly away if it senses any movement from us. One thing I studied from this: To get a photo of Granite Ghost dragonfly, keep a good light source with us so that it will be attracted towards it, and can take as many pictures as we want 🙂
Granite Ghost Dragonfly (Bradinopyga geminata)

Its thorax and abdomen are alternatively colored with white and brown-black, which resembles granite and so its name ‘Granite’ Ghost. The wings are transparent, head is brown and legs are black from the front and white from the back.
Family : Libellulidae
Scientific Name : Bradinopyga geminata

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24 thoughts on “Granite Ghost Dragonfly

  1. Ciekawa ta ważka i wspaniała Twoja obserwacja jej.Śliczne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
    Interesting, this dragonfly and wonderful your observation of it. Beautiful pictures. Yours.

  2. During my childhood my nursery school was woodland, paddy farms near home, outside walled school. I grew up in the company of dragonflies, besides other usefull insects. You bring back those rich mamories in images. Many thanks 🙂

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