Crape Jasmine (Nandyarvattam)

Here are some nice Crape Jasmine flowers. These white  five petaled flowers are also called ‘Pinwheel’ flower, see, the petals are arranged like the leaves of a pinwheel. Malayalam name is Nandyarvattam, also known as Nandyavartham.

Flowers throughout the year and it is very charming to see these in large groups, especially during early morning and evening when the light is less, as the white colors become outstanding.

The flowers are used for preparing medicines for eye diseases and irritations. Moreover these are also used for ‘poojas’ and in temples.

The one below is a slightly different variety, the edges of petals are irregular, and the flowers does not look much like a pinwheel.

The botanical name is Tabernaemontana divaricata (there are various other species also). It is a shrub and grows to 1 -2 meters height. The leaves are dark green in color.
Family : Apocynaceae

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