Kolambi Flower – Golden Trumpet Vine

Although common in India as a garden plant, Kolambi or Golden Trumpet Vine is a native of the South America, including Brazil and its neighboring countries. It might have been introduced in other parts.

The bright yellow flowers of this plant look like trumpets. It can also be compared to a funnel or a Gramaphone (an old device to play music). Funnily, it is called Kolambi Flower because it is quite similar to a pot used to spit, which also has the same name.

Kolambi Flowers - Golden Trumpet Vine
Kolambi Flowers / Golden Trumpet Vine – Photos from Kerala

Quick Facts

Plant Type: Perennial Climber
Family: Apocynaceae
Botanical name: Allamanda cathartica

Common Names:
Golden Trumpet Vine, Allamanda Flower, Yellow Allamanda, Kolambi (in Malayalam)

Flowering: Year-round

Origin: South America
Distribution: Widely in tropical areas

Main uses: Garden plant

Flowers of Golden Trumpet Vine
Flowers of Golden Trumpet Vine


Golden Trumpet Plant appears to be a shrub. However it is a climber with delicate and woody stems. It can reach a height of 2 meters when planted on the ground, but can be taller when there is a support.

Kolambi Flower - Golden Trumpet Vine - Allamanda cathartica

Leaves & Stem

The oblong leaves of Kolambi have a shiny texture. They grow densely on the stem and has very short petioles. Because of its dark green color and thick foliage, the plant always gives an evergreen appearance.

The woody stem is usually green or brown. They can climb over adjacent plants. Without pruning, the stems/vines can grow easily and spread over a meter on the ground. So in gardens, the vines are tied together to keep them erect.

The leaves and stem have a latex which can be poisonous and can also cause itching or other irritations.


The yellow flowers have 5 petals which have pointed tips. They might slightly resemble a lotus petal with a wide middle part.

The flowers after a rain…

Kolambi Flower - Golden Trumpet Vine - Allamanda cathartica
Allamanda flower after a rain
Kolambi Flower - Golden Trumpet Vine - Allamanda cathartica

Distribution & Cultivation

Allamanda cathartica is now widely grown as a garden plant all over the tropics from Americas to Asia and Australia. It has the status of a weed in many places and even has a slightly invasive nature. The origin of this climber is believed to be Brazil.

It grows very well in places with well-drained soil and lots of sunlight.

Kolambi Flower - Golden Trumpet Vine - Allamanda cathartica

Kolambi Flower

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  1. Reminds me of my childhood days. There was a boys hostel near our house. They had these flowers in their garden, we used to collect the flowers; which fell on the ground.
    lovely snaps !

  2. Naturally beautiful….especially the second 1
    good shots…and im eager to know which camera and lens you are using…Cheers 🙂

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