Red Dragonfly : Fulvous Forest Skimmer

These are some pictures of a male Fulvous Forest Skimmer dragonfly (Neurothemis fulvia).

Due to its dark red color, it is easily noticeable.

Photos from Cheruvally, Kerala.

Comparing to other dragonflies like Crimson Marsh Glider, I think this one is not so popular here. Because, I  saw this one for 3 or 4 consecutive days only, that too were cloudy days, and showed interest in perching in the shades under big leaves. Most other dragonflies become active during pleasant sunny days. Not sure whether these features were only for this particular dragonfly I watched, on those particular days. Because behaviour of dragonflies is different on different days and time.

Another interesting characteristic I noted for this dragonfly was that it was very sensitive. I couldn’t approach it from its front. Even from a distance of 10 meters from its face, it could detect my presence and changed its position. I managed to get these photos by slowly approaching it from the behind and from the sides, that too became successful after many attempts. So I couldn’t get a photo of its face…

The whole body is dark reddish in color, the tip of the wings is transparent.

Common name  : Fulvous Forest Skimmer
Scientific Name : Neurothemis fulvia
Family               : Libellulidae
Order                 : Odonata

29 thoughts on “Red Dragonfly : Fulvous Forest Skimmer

  1. Nigdy takiej ślicznej, czerwonej ważki nie widziałam. Dziękuję za jej pokazanie i pozdrawiam.
    Never such a lovely, never seen a red dragonfly. Thank you for the show and greet

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