Pygmy Dartlet or Midget Wisp Damselfly (Male)

Here is a male Pigmy Dartlet  damselfly (Agriocnemis pygmae), the smallest damselfly I have ever seen! Its whole length was around  3 centimeters only. The picture below is magnified.

Pigmy Dartlet Damselfly (Agriocnemis Pygmae)

I felt very difficult to capture it due to the small size. Also as it was a rainy day, light was also less. Its abdomen was around 2 – 2.5 centimeter long. Then imagine how thin it was!! Unlike dragonflies, damselflies have very thin abdomen.

Pigmy Dartlet Damselfly (Agriocnemis Pygmae)

Pigmy Dartlet Damselfly (Agriocnemis Pygmae)

This damselfly is also called Midget Wisp damselfly. The name might have come from its extreme small size. Its body is mainly green in color and have thick black linings starting from head to thorax and extending to abdomen. Also, the orange color at the tip of abdomen makes it easy to identify. The wings are black and transparent.

Scientific name : Agriocnemis pygmae
Family                : Coenagrionidae
Order                  : Odonata
Photos from Cheruvally, Kerala.

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