Mexican Sunflower or Tithonia

Mexican Sunflower, or Tithonia flower (Tithonia rotundiflora) is one of the most beautiful red flowers I have ever seen.  Its central portion is rich with yellow color.

Its stem is long (1 – 2 meters) and the flowers stand upright. That inspired me to take the picture from beneath  the scarlet colored flower  with blue sky and clouds as the background.

The flower is rich with nectar, which makes it a favorite for butterflies and bees. 

A butterfly feeding on it…

A tiny spider sitting on the flower…

Flower at night…

The plant grows very easily even if no attention is given. Tithonia is a native of Mexico or Central Americas and is now spread to many parts, and Tithonia rotundiflora is common here in Kerala. Leaves are big and is comparatively broad towards the base and pointed at the tip. The stem has small white hair – like projections also.

Hope you liked this beautiful flower 🙂

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