Rock Pigeons

Here are some pictures of pigeons which regularly visit our house. 

On everyday afternoon a group of pigeons (sometimes 20 or even more) come to our courtyard and we use to feed them with grains. Very friendly that they even try to come in !! And spend here and there for sometime and finally fly away. This has become a daily routine now.

Here are some more pictures…

Is it looking at the camera ?!

Rock pigeons vary in color. The following is a black one, slightly smaller and longer than others.

One of them trying to flee away the black one !! May be, some problem between them !

Posing for a shot ?…
Another pose…

Rock pigeons are very common in many parts of the world. These are also called simply as pigeons. They are very friendly to humans and are highly domestic in nature.
Family : Columbidae
Scientific name : Columba livia
In one of my previous posts also, some pictures of  these pigeons were given.

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