Orange Dragonfly

An orange dragonfly perched on the leaf of a Mangosteen tree in my backyard, I doubt if it was a Rufous Marsh Glider (Rhodothemis rufa), not sure, because they are normally more reddish than this one.

If anyone can identify it correctly, please make your suggestion through the comments. I am interested to know, as  I am doing a small study on dragonflies and damselflies myself .

For this one, as you can see from the photo, abdomen, thorax and head are bright orange in color, eyes are brown – orange, wings are transparent and black, legs are brown – black. And it was a medium – sized one. 

Same dragonfly perched on a rope.

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18 thoughts on “Orange Dragonfly

  1. Sorry Abhinav! I don't recognize this dragonfly.
    If I find out I'll get back to you, but perhaps someone else will know!

    Good captures!It looks quite a large dragonfly!g


  2. Piękna ważka, jak i jej zdjęcie. W rozpoznaniu nie pomogę :-(. Pozdrawiam.
    Beautiful dragonfly, and its image. The diagnosis will not help :-(. Yours.

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