May 22 – World Biodiversity Day

Here comes another day for us to think of the wealth of our Earth – The Biodiversity. With millions of species, ranging from the microscopic amoeba to the huge blue whale, our Earth is really rich. 
The idea of biodiversity came out during the UN Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992, and the Biodiversity Day was celebrated on every December 29th from 1993 to 1999. Due to certain difficulties, from 2000 onwards the day is being held on every May 22nd. These are only some history, and the more important thing is something else.
Why there is such a day for biodiversity? I think, or in my opinion, it is for us, the humans, to rethink about our activities towards nature and environment. Everyday we are hearing a lot, and speaking a lot about global warming, species extinction, climatic changes and resulting crop failure… etc that even small children know what these terms are. Aren’t we, including me, the culprits for all these? Or can we do something for it? This day, World Biological Diversity Day, reminds the need for us to act something to protect nature, and by the way, protect ourselves.
Of course, development is necessary, and I am not a person against development. But we are responsible to make sure that the development is sustainable and promote only sustainable development. Otherwise, the activities, that we once consider a ‘developments’ will change their faces (or masks?) into calamities and comeback towards ourselves, like a Boomerang.
Can anyone imagine a world only with humans, and no trees, no animals, no birds, no rivers . . .?!! Surely No.
But if this is the condition, aren’t we heading towards such a situation?? Keep in mind the present situation of house sparrows, Bengal tigers and Siberian Cranes (they are only examples, in fact, there is a lot which are endangered!), the polluted rivers like Ganga, the dying rivers like Bharathapuzha (Nila), the human ‘attacked’ forests like the Amazon rainforest. . . .etc. . . the list will be longer than the longest. When I see the birds flying or the butterflies on flowers, I use to worry about their existence. Because the numbers are decreasing alarmingly each year  for many species. More than 30% of the marine species are in critical state, around 20% of coral reefs are destructed, statistics says. Also consider the destruction of phytoplankton, which are essential for marine food chain. And on this Biodiversity Day, more importance is given to marine biodiversity and marine ecosystem.

Not forgetting the various activities and initiatives being taken by a number of small and large organizations, different Governments, various movements, activities like  Project Tiger, and even individuals, for preserving nature. They are really worthful and are helping a lot. And thanks to all the biosphere reserves, national parks, reserved forests – they are the lungs of the world. But these only are not sufficient to save nature completely. Change should happen in each of our mind.

 What we can do individually?

Try to build an awareness in ourselves and others that nature and all its beings are a part of us. Humans may have the most intelligence, but never consider  other beings as inferior to humans, because each one has their own space and roles here. Then we surely start to love nature. We can make sure that we are not intentionally hurting anything. And we can plant as much trees as we can. Respect these rich biodiversity. So we can also do our own part to protect a number of lives.

10 thoughts on “May 22 – World Biodiversity Day

  1. Your blog seems to reflect your topic…Its so bright and green 🙂 Nature is everyone;s responsibility…We take from it and we must give back to it !

  2. yes..input has to be made on individual basis also..all of us have to be aware of our doings which may affect biodiversity, then only a substantial change can be brought..nice post!

  3. A perfect post for a good cause! We definitely need to respect the variety of things that mother nature has blessed us with and take their care, sadly all people are interested in are ways to exploit it.

  4. First, Let me thank you for taking note and connect. Thanks for very stimulating article, and other posts…
    Biodiversity gives us identity. Biodiversity brings diverse cultures throughout the world, and assures us there are no superior or inferior culture anywhere, anytime.Only our – the civilized society's – greed for power and profit is the worst enemy of biodiversity, therefore, harmful to plant-life, animal-life, and the 'Other' humans (mainly the aborigine communities) who live in tune with Nature. (My self-portrait here represents the civil-society.)

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