Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus is one of the most popular flowering plants. There are a large number of species under it. This post will be having one or two parts more. Through these I wish to share some varieties of hibiscus that I have seen. Here I am sharing three of them.

1. Red Hibiscus

It is the most common hibiscus variety I think. Scientific name is Hibiscus rosa – sinesis. The flowers with five petals are in pure red color. In India, it is used for ‘poojas’ , especially in Devi temples ( for prayers and as offering to Goddess in temples ). It grows well in warm climates and  even does not need any care. In earlier days, almost all houses in Kerala had at least one red hibiscus nearby. But now I think, unfortunately that has changed and more interest is being given to other ornamental plants. And I am happy to say that I have 6 such red hibiscus plants in my compound.
Scientific name : Hibiscus rosa – sinesis
Malayalam names : chemparathi, amparathi

2. Orange hibiscus with double layered petals

It’s another beautiful type of hibiscus. The two layers of petals make it different. Top layer has a number of smaller petals and bottom layer has 5 larger petals.

3. Orange – yellow hibiscus

It’s color is splendid, and during bright sunlight, it shines ( see the second picture ).

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32 thoughts on “Hibiscus Flowers

  1. I love hibiscus! Those double-flowering ones are marvelous! Have you ever seen the face in them? In one of my very early posts on my other blog, I posted a photo of the face – it is titled "The Eyes", if you ever want to see it. It is on The Road Awaits…

  2. Beautiful shots of the gorgeous flowers!
    They're all so beautiful.
    I only wish we could grow them here, but it's to cold and wet for them.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I hardly can believe all this beauties growing in the wild in your country. We have to visit a botanical garden in een greenhouse to see this beautiful flowers.

  4. Aaah thanks so much for the lovely photos. We just come back from Kerala and I took many cuttings of that beautiful red one used for poojas. It's stunning! Soon I hope to have them all over my garden. I took cuttings in Bali where they also use hibiscus at temples, and for men to wear behind the ear, its also a red one but a little flower and doesn't hang so prettily but it's a gorgeous red colour too. Seems the common ones are the best of all.

    Thanks again for the lovely memories

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