Hibiscus Flowers – 3

The previous two posts were also on hibiscus flowers – ‘Hibiscus Flowers‘ and ‘Hibiscus Flowers – 2‘. In the first one, Red hibiscus, orange double layered, orange were given and in the second, Japanese Lantern, sleeping hibiscus and red-rose hibiscus were given. And now this is the continuation . . . As in the previous posts, here also three more varieties are given. 


1. Pale Orange

Pale Orange Hibiscus

I found these flowers by the sides of the road leading to the school I earlier studied.The five petals are pale orange or yellow in color, and towards the center the flower is red. The red in the center adds to its beauty. I think it is another variety of Hibiscus rosa – sinesis, may be obtained from it. In some places it is also called Hibiscus Mango Dainty.
Here are some more photos . . .

Pale Orange HibiscusPale Orange Hibiscus

Pale Orange Hibiscus

Pale Orange Hibiscus
Pale Orange Hibiscus

Pale Orange Hibiscus

2. Double Layered Red Hibiscus

With a number of red colored petals arranged compactly, this is another one . . .

Double Layered Red Hibiscus

Double Layered Red Hibiscus

3. With Variegated Leaves and Flowers

The leaves have white patches all over and the flowers have white edges. May be, this is another variation from Hibiscus rosa – sinesis.

Variegated Hibiscus
Variegated Hibiscus

Probably this will be the final one in this hibiscus series. There are actually hundreds of varieties of hibiscus, but my stock of hibiscus pictures is over now 🙂 And I hope I can continue this or add to this as I get more varieties of this diverse flower later.

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  1. So many great photos – what a wonderful flower! I have seen it growing wild along the marshes…always have wanted to have one of the kind that will winter over and reseed. Just have not managed to get it yet. Lovely photos – I have enjoyed your presentation of them!

  2. °♪¸.♫♫♪

    Passei para uma visitinha.
    Sou louca por flores e amei o seu blog.
    Suas fotografias são:
    M A R A V I L H O S A S!

    Boa semana!

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