Hibiscus Flowers – 2

This is the continuation of my previous post ‘Hibiscus Flowers‘. There I had given three varieties – Red Hibiscus ( Hibiscus rosa – sinesis ), Orange with two layers, and Orange with five petals. Here is another three varieties.

1. Japanese Lantern
This one is Hibiscus schizopetalus and its common name is Japanese Lantern. There are five petals and the petals are split. This feature of the petals is its main attraction. Also, it always hangs vertically downwards.
Hibiscus - Japanese Lantern

Hibiscus - Japanese LanternHibiscus - Japanese Lantern

The bud…

Hibiscus - Japanese Lantern
The stigma and stamen…

Hibiscus - Japanese Lantern

Hibiscus - Japanese Lantern

2. Sleeping Hibiscus

Its peculiarity is that it is folded and does not open up. Its name ‘sleeping hibiscus’ may have come from this particular characteristic. Scientific name is Malvaviscus aboreus.
Sleeping Hibiscus

3. Red – Rose Hibiscus

This one is slightly larger and is one of the most beautiful. Very much similar to Hibiscus rosa – sinesis, but is more pinkish in color than it.

Rose - Red Hibiscus

Rose - Red Hibiscus

Hope you enjoyed . . .

32 thoughts on “Hibiscus Flowers – 2

  1. I love these flowers! Thank you for the education about the different types – I have only seen a few types…and certainly not the first two! Beautiful!

  2. Ah-ah…so that is what is a Japanese Lantern, I did an online search for this flower and didn't find it. All I came across were some descriptions which created weird images in my mind. Thank you so much, Abhinav.
    It's interesting to see the different types of the flower, I'd thought that the only differences were in the different colours. 🙂

  3. Simply beautiful…. my society garden has the first kind of flower. But I never bothered to know its name. Many thanks for all the information 🙂

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