WWF – A Great Move Towards Environment Protection

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                The history of World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) actually begins with another organization, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). IUCN came up in 1948 with the aim of environment protection, and its members were mainly scientists.
But due to financial crisis, its existence became so difficult that its members itself thought of another professional organization. Thus, on September 11, 1961, WWF get registered as an organization. The masterminds behind the foundation of WWF were Peter Scott, Max Nicolson and Julian Huxley. And Peter Scott was selected as its first chairman. From there onwards he became the pulse of the organization’s activities. Now WWF’s activities are spread across more than 130 nations and also have more than 30 lakhs of members.


The official logo of WWF is a Giant Panda. The organization got this idea from Chi – Chi, a Giant Panda that came to the London Zoo. Since it was a rare species and was endangered, they decided it as their logo. The famous logo was designed by Peter Scott, from the sketches of Chi –Chi drawn by Jerald Watterson.


The activities of WWF are wide ranging. It had launched a project named ‘Operation Tiger’ for the protection of tigers in Indian forests. WWF also undertook many projects for protecting rhinoceros, blue whale, pandas, and various other activities for saving rainforests, wetlands etc.

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