About me, Abhinav R: A computer applications student from Kerala. Photography is one of my passions, mainly nature photography.

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About the blog: 
It was started on December 11, 2011, and the first post on December 12. Knowing about the rich biodiversity around us is necessary to generate an awareness about the importance of conserving nature. This blog is a small step towards Nature awareness by sharing the knowledge about the flora and fauna around us. I am also trying my best to showcase the beauty of nature through the photos I take. 

I believe, if we humans  respect nature and preserve it, Mother Nature will take care of us back.
After visiting this site, if at least one starts to care about nature and its richness, this venture is a success.

Something about the title  'Rhythm of nature' : I am a person who strongly believes that there is a rhythm for everything. To say, there is a rhythm for music, life has a rhythm, rain has a rhythm, flowing river has a rhythm.  And just following nature's rhythm can bring peace and harmony. Or in other words,  anything in harmony will have a rhythm. So the title - 'Rhythm of Nature'.


  1. Abhinav, I liked this blog very much. Layout, clarity of pictures, fluency of (rhythmic)writing and everything... I shall try to go through all posts one by one...

    Keep in touch...

  2. wat leuk dat je op mijn log kwam kijken dat stel ik zeer op prijs ook mijn hobby is fotograferen maar ik ben nog maar een beginneling hoor,veel succes en ik hoop dat je nog eens langskomt,groeten van cobie en bas.

  3. Your perspective on the blog title is fascinating! Glad to see a passionate of nature and photography.

    Best wishes :)

  4. Anonymous16.7.13

    Love your blog Abhinav. Some amazing pictures out here! Keep clicking :)

  5. abhinav ravindran i went through ur foto good and clarity, go ahead which camera is using

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