Thursday, December 6, 2012

Red Cypress Vine - The Glorious Flower of Morning

Yesterday I came before you with some beautiful Sunset Bells, which I hope everyone liked very much. And today, there is another beautiful small flower – Red Cypress Vine – which we grow here. 

Red Cypress Vine Morning Glory
Cypress Vine is commonly used as garden flower and as ornamental flower in many parts including Kerala. When viewed from a distance, it looks like small LED decorations on a Christmas tree. It is a creeper. So in gardens, it is better to grow these around a standing stick or around a net made in the shape of a cylinder. Otherwise it spreads easily and climbs up the nearby plants affecting it adversely – from my experience. 

Red Cypress Vine Morning Glory

It is also known in various other names like Cypress Morning Glory or simply Morning Glory. The flower has five petals, and it resembles the shape of a trumpet, like Yellow Bell Flower. Leaves are very thin and antennae shaped. 

Red Cypress Vine Morning Glory

The bud..

Red Cypress Vine Morning Glory

How to better photograph these flowers : Almost similar to the case of other flower, but there are some differences we should keep in mind to make the photo beautiful.

  • As its name ‘Morning Glory’ suggests, the flower is glorious during morning hours (they blossoms during morning). So it is better to look for these flowers in the morning or when the Sunlight is low. Also look for flowers with morning dew drops. It makes the flower more beautiful as in the case of any other flower. So the feeling of morning should not be lost. Cloudy atmosphere will also suit – because the iridescent red color is vivid under low light. 
  • Shoot in macro mode so that the flower gets more pronounced.
  • If taken from an angle, the flower looks more beautiful than when taken from directly up, at 90 degrees. 
  • If more importance is to be given to the beauty of the flower, do not include more than one flower in the frame, as I had said in the tips for photographing roses. I recommend you to read that also. 
  • The background should be green (green leaves). And it is better not to include portions of sky. Sky works better for bigger flowers. 

Its botanical name is Ipomea quamoclit. There are actually a large number of flowering creepers under the genus Ipomea. Most of them are usually called as morning glories itself. I know four of them – yellow, blue, violet and this one.

So that is what I had to share about this with you. Do you have other beautiful Ipomea varieties in your garden? Share your knowledge :)

See you till next one.


  1. Een hele mooie felrode bloem hij zou het hier met de kerst heel goed doen.

  2. Bardzo mi się podobają kwiaty tego pnącza. Pozdrawiam.
    I really like the flowers of the climbers. Yours.

  3. superab photography and useful tips....

  4. Another unusual flower, but very beautiful and brightly coloured.I only know the blue climber which is called Morning Glory, and have enjoyed it's beauty these last couple of months. I didn't even know there were other varieties!! Thank you for introducing me to this red one.

    Very nice photos!

  5. nice photography ...

  6. Great pictures on the Red Cypress Vine, cheers Abhinav.

  7. Oh how lovely!!