Monday, November 19, 2012

Thazhuthama and its Medicinal Values

Thazhuthama has small flowers, too small that it is only one or two millimeters in diameter. They are pink in color and have five petals each.

It is a creeper. Leave are nearly round in shape and can vary in size from one to the other. 

While saying about Thazhuthama, the most important thing is its ayurvedic importance. It is a priceless herbal medicine, and can be grown easily without much care, at least in the tropics, like Kerala.

 All its parts – flowers, leaves, stem, roots - have their own specific uses. It is an effective first aid in many cases.
  • Blood Purification: Drinking water boiled with thazhuthama leaves can purify the blood.
  • Consuming its leaves (after cooking) is good for eyesight. Here we make a dish with its chopped leaves mixed with coconut, we call it ‘thoran’. I hope 'mallus' know it very well :) so I am not saying it to those who already know this.
  • Crushed roots mixed with medicated oil can cure dizziness if applied on the head.
  • Consuming the juice obtained from is said to have the capability of curing cataract and myopia. But do it after proper advice to achieve good results.

Moreover, it is rich in iron, so good for iron deficiency problems, can reduce cholesterol and so on. These are only a few important facts which I know about this amazing plant. We grow it in our  household.  Its scientific name is Boerhavia diffusa and is known as ‘Punarnava’ in Sanskrit. 'Thazhuthama' is the Malayalam name.
Also try to grow it in your area also, and promote it. It can be grown easily by stem cutting.

Disclaimer: These are just my personal observations/knowledge and I'm not an expert in medicine or Ayurveda.


  1. That sounds a good medicine, send some to me, lol.

  2. Taki malutki śliczny kwiatek, a tyle dobra może uczynić. Pozdrawiam.
    Such a pretty little flower, and can do so much good. Yours.

  3. heerlijk om ze zo mooi te laten zien.

  4. beautiful and small flower


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  6. Thank you for such a nice information about flowers & its medicinal values.

  7. lovely flower and i didn't know it had medicinal value ...

  8. I'd heard the name, but didn't know what Thazhuthama looked like. Thank you for the pics and the info.

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    Informative post...

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  10. Your pic makes it even more interesting!

  11. Thnk u for the information for its medicinal value..the plant which was carelessly left growing in the corner of our house

  12. I need to know about the root,and the usage of the root,and the benefit in the human of my friend
    told me,make it paste and make message in the down part of the foot.So it will make good freshness always.
    I need to get the good advice about it.

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  14. Hai ...very informative...In south kerala a particular white flower thazhuthama can be has high medicinal value than those with blue flowers

  15. Put some leaves in water,garlic,salt,one pice turmeric and home vegitable if neccessary.boiled it .after boiling drink it.wowwww

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